Monday, December 17, 2012

No Wasted Words

I finished that St. Jude's Marathon in Memphis.

That girlfriend named Katie Pauley became my fiancĂ© and moved to Birmingham.  Eight months later, she cancelled the wedding.

I moved to Las Vegas to work at a construction site as an engineer in the field.

I am thoroughly enjoying life in Vegas, but I'm missing my best friends.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lightning Update:

1. Finished the Citizen-Times Half Marathon in Asheville, NC. My time was 2:40. It was frigid and extremely hilly.

2. I finally decided to ditch my Vibram Five Fingers due to the massive amounts of blisters from very nasty seems inside at the worst of locations.

3. My training has been back an forth. Yesterday after 3 runs in normal Aisics, my legs almost exploded with pain and I was forced to stop at 1.6 of a 7 mile run. I have determined that it is severe shin splints.

4. Finally got my new shoes in: New Balance "Minimus.". They are the bee's knees!

5. I have a girlfriend. Her name is Katie Pauley.

Ok, you're pretty much caught up.